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Cherry Auctions

This blog post is intended to briefly cover cherry auctions and their pros and cons.  Cherry auctions are often touted as the best way to learn how to win.  But, are they?

After getting your first set of 10 free bids, you can now bid on a Cherry Auction.  Beezid describes a Cherry Auction as an auction that can be bid on only by users who have not previously won an auction.  (Note: Even after I won THREE auctions, I was still able to bid on Cherry Auctions for another week or so, so take Beezid’s statement with a grain of salt.) It is also the only kind of auction you can use your 10 free bids on.  Many Beginners make the mistake of thinking these two statements mean the same thing.  They do not.  Cherry Auctions are mixed with people who just got 10 free bids by signing up and with people who have purchased bids but have not won a regular auction yet.  Assuming that you are only bidding against others who just registered and are only using their 10 free bids is a mistake as bidding opponents can certainly have more than 10 bids at their disposal.

There are typically only ever two Cherry Auctions going on at a given time.  One of these is usually to purchase a 30 Bid Pack while the other may be for something like a $25 Gift Card. 

30 Bid PackThe 30 Bid Pack option is tempting because, as a new user, you certainly need more bids to bid on non-Cherry Auctions.  However, unlike the regular 50 Bid Pack and 100 Bid Pack auctions, the 30 Bid Pack auction is not Bid-For-Free.  It is fine to try to use your 10 free bids to win 30 “real” bids.  However, if you have already used your 10 free bids and have had to purchase bids, I would definitely recommend NOT bidding on the 30 Bid Pack Cherry Auction.  You are much better off getting bids at a decent price from the regular 50 Bid Pack and 100 Bid Pack Auctions that don’t cost you bids.  As a beginner, there is nothing more frustrating than spending your newly purchased bids trying to win more bids.  Don’t assume that because it is a Cherry Auction there is no competition.

The $25 gift card is also not a great option either.  This is simply because the item’s retail price is low enough to not offer you a significant enough chance at savings.  Even if you win the item for $3.00, you must still pay $6.99 shipping and possibly use bids you’ve purchased as well.  While you are still likely to be profitable at that point, the profit margin is much worse than it would be on the regular auctions.  Note that this advice applies to regular auctions as well.  I tend to shy away from anything retailing below $30.00 or so for this same reason.  Occasionally, Beezid offers $50 gift cards as Cherry Auctions and I would strongly recommend waiting for one of these over the $25 gift card option.  Of course, if the item isn’t a gift card, just use the retail price as a guide in the same way.

One other thing to consider is that there may be several regular penny auctions that you can win just as easily, or even easier, than the Cherry Auctions.  This is simply because there are more regular auctions available and many people don’t bid on the cheaper items.  Things like Xbox games, Blu-ray DVDs, ice cream makers, etc. that sell for less than $100.00 at retail are great choices to spend the bids you’ve purchased, even if the Cherry Auctions are still available.

In conclusion, I am not saying never to bid on Cherry Auctions.  What I am saying is to carefully consider your other options before diving into one and to wait for the right item to be available to bid on if you do choose to go the Cherry Auction route.

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